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कोंकणचे सी.ई.ओ

आय.ई.आय.बी.एस अकॅडेमीया तर्फे पदवीधर विद्यर्थ्यांसाठी सुरु करण्यात आलेला एक अद्वितीय प्रकल्प

200 ASBS – MBA from Konkan

कोकणातील कॉलेजेसमध्ये शिकत असलेल्या पदवीधर विद्यार्थ्यांपर्यंत एम.बी.ए. प्रोग्राम पोहोचवून त्यांचे यशस्वी करीअर घडवून आणण्याचे काम आय.ई.आय.बी.एस अकॅडेमीया ही संस्था करीत आहे.

It is our observation that graduates from Mumbai-Pune-Nagpur generally steals the limelight when it comes to being a successful professional. Very seldom does one find that Graduates from Konkan making a mark in the corporate world. Though one may appreciate that many a Konkan Graduates are really intellectually as well as attitude wise sound, one of the fundamental reasons for the failure of these konkan students to make it big in the corporate world is pure lack of counseling and guidance at a very young age. In addition lack of significant competitive environment, lack of adequate information and inadequate facilities contribute to the miseries of conventional graduates from Konkan.

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The Background Research

As per the research done by The HINDU business line we found the employability of management graduates in India has declined in the past five years, as only 21 per centof MBAs surveyed are ‘employable’, a study has said.

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  • Gaurav Sawant(Akademia)Hat’s off to “Kokan che CEO”. It gave me a golden opportunity to learn & compete with the metro-city students. During my graduation though I was one of the brightest students but the level of competition for what I was looking for, I got over here.

    Really speaking without this I would not have realized how to apply the knowledge I have gained, in the real life working scenario. My MBA covered the gaps between what student has and what actually corporate world needed.

    Especially as I am student of Engineering it helped me a lot to link the technical understanding to the broad business decision making process, leading to a very interesting learning experience.

    I would highly recommend to the ‘Kokan’ students to be part of this awesome project.

  • Fatima Mukadam (Akademia)Kokan Che CEO is a unique concept which gives wings to one's dreams specially to students from Kokan. It's mantra is to be innovative to give an edge to the students in academics and in real life. It's hands on approach is both educating and an eye opener that is required to prepare us for the grind.

    AKADEMIA is an institute which is entirely engaged in understanding you the best, preparing you for the best and finally transforming the real you.

  • Mussarat_Mulla (Akademia)“Kokan che CEO” had made me believe that you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.

    It actually doesn't matter where you belong to, the talent within you will definitely make you grow in life, provided you get the proper cocoon to turn from a caterpillar to butterfly. I believed that a proper environment will nourish me to sustain and grow in professional life. After joining AKADEMIA I realized that every person needs such an environment where a student is made to believe in himself/herself and explore their potential.

    Here I was nourished intellectually, professionally, emotionally and morally. I really appreciate the transformation AKADEMIA has brought in me.

    Today when I see myself confident, enthusiastic, ready to face the challenges I feel that deciding to be a part of “Kokan che CEO” was my best decision.


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